Launched in December 2002, Transformer's FRAMEWORK Panel Series engages artists, arts professionals, cultural leaders, and audiences in conversation to create an oral 'field guide' to encourage and support individual emerging artists in our community, and educate audiences through the sharing of best practices within the contemporary visual arts. The 2009 Panel Series was supported by the Robert Lehman Foundation, and the 2010 FRAMEWORK Panel Series was supported through our first National Endowment for the Arts' Access to Artistic Excellence grant, awarded "to encourage and support artistic excellence, preserve our cultural heritage, and provide access to the arts for all Americans." Through this support, Transformer is thrilled to have the opportunity to expand the scope of our FRAMEWORK Panel Series, including more national perspectives on best practices within the contemporary visual arts, and advance our mission to build audiences for emerging artists and emergent expression in the visual arts.

For further information on FRAMEWORK and/or other Transformer programs and events, please contact us at or call 202.483.1102