Siren Arts
Asbury Park, NJ

Siren Arts is an innovative summer residency & exhibition program based in Asbury Park, NJ that supports emerging visual artists throughout the northeast corridor of Washington, DC to NYC. Launched in the summer of 2017, Siren Arts is an expansion of Transformer – a 16-year-old non-profit visual arts organization based in Washington, DC – and its' mission to connect and promote emerging visual artists, build audiences for their work, and advance them in their artistic careers.

Taking a different theme and format each year,  Siren Arts pursues different, innovative micro-residencies each summer, with artists creating site-responsive works throughout the city of Asbury Park. 
Now in its 2nd year, Siren Arts is proud to present,Turning the Tide, a social practice-oriented residency program that will consist of a series of consecutive micro-residencies for seven emerging visual artists and artist collectives, resulting in Thursday evening sunset performance art events on Asbury Park’s 2nd Avenue beach July 12 – August 23, 2018. Informed and inspired by the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and their Asbury Park area affiliate Clean Water Action, each performance art event will focus on themes of ocean conservation.

In its inaugural year, Siren Arts presented Summer of Radical Love, bringing together a diverse mix of more than 12 participating artists throughout the summer of 2017 to develop and create works that explore cultural, racial, sexual, and gender equality. Centered within a storefront exhibition space at 529 Bangs Avenue, in Asbury Park’s historic business district located three blocks from the iconic Asbury Park Boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean, the Summer of Radical Love works were presented via a multi-layered exhibition highlighting a variety of innovative mediums.

Siren Arts is a direct result of the success of Promised Land - Transformer’s 2014 pilot residency and exhibition in Asbury Park, NJ, which brought together twelve east coast based emerging visual artists to pursue creative research related to the city’s history and culture. Located in the middle of the northeast corridor of Washington, DC to NYC, Asbury Park is an iconic beach town that hosts thousands of visitors each summer. It is known for its arts & music present and history, as well as for its unique Beaux-Art boardwalk architecture.

Supported by a special curatorial grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Promised Land exhibition, presented in the 5th Avenue Pavilion of the Asbury Park boardwalk, included a diverse variety of visual mediums including painting, video, installation, sculpture, performance art, sound art, and photography. The exhibition was visited by more than 5,000 audiences members over the course of is six-week presentation. In addition to building a substantial audience and collector exposure for the artists, the residency and exhibition provided incredible peer-networking among the artists, who received increased exhibition opportunities, commissions of new work, and have formed collaborations among themselves as a result of their experience.