Transformer’s programs are designed to support artists on many levels: in addition to presenting work through professional and engaging exhibitions, artists participate in community panel discussions, peer critique, portfolio review, and other open forums for dialogue and connection with peers and mentors.

At Transformer, artists are the core of our mission and are supported in all aspects of their work. In addition to our Exhibition Series, programs like the Exercises for Emerging Artists and the Framework panel series provide on-going mentorship to artists while also developing audience and growing the community of support for artists and their work. Transformer also assists emerging arts groups, co-ops, collectives, curators and individual artists in providing temporal exhibition space for short-term projects, as well as providing professional development advice, curatorial input, and program development.

Seeking to build a broad platform for emerging artists and their work, Transformer is also growing programs such as the FlatFile, as well as our public and Temporal Projects. Often presented in collaboration with other arts groups, galleries, or larger cultural entities, these programs provide participating artists the opportunity to exhibit their work outside our project space, furthering our mission of expanding the network of support for artists and their work.